Modern, high tech, quality, gentle dentistry.  We take hundreds of hours of Continuing Education to bring you the best.  We carry high standards in materials, infection control, and equipment.  We treat others like we wish to be treated.

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Digital X-rays are much more comfortable than traditional film X-rays. There's no sharp piece of film to bite down on, and the results are instant! As soon as they're taken, we can view your X-ray images right on our computer monitor. Digital X-rays are also safer because they give off much less radiation than traditional X-rays.


Our office is equipped with a CEREC® (Chairside Economic Restorations of Esthetic Ceramics) machine that allows us to create custom crowns using a strong tooth-colored ceramic in one day.



Invisible Clear Aligner Orthodontics.  Comfortable and discreet.  3D custom aligners made to move your teeth into perfect alignment.

Dr. Liao and Dr. Shiao have both used Invisalign personally to straighten their teeth and close gaps between teeth.